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YALAMANCHILI provides application software products specializing in IT solutions in the area of middleware technologies, transaction processing, card payments, banking solutions and customer delivery channels; e.g., ATM, KIOSK, point-of- sale terminals, internet, and mobile banking. Conceptualization, design, development and implementation of the NARADA® Solutions across international borders gives YALAMANCHILI the experience to create end-to-end scalable solutions enhanced by innovation and expertise, offering large and small clients a one-stop partner for their IT solutions and needs.


The modular construction of each NARADA® solution allows for quick implementation and scalability for varying requirements:

· Delivery Channel Solution – Provides transaction management for different customer delivery channels.

· ATM Solution – Administration of the total debit card system and ATM system.

· Prepaid Card Solution – Product creation and management system for innovative prepaid products.

· Credit Card Solution – Offering the greatest customer flexibility for product creation, risk appraisal and customer service.

· Commercial Card Solution – A corporate card system allowing maximum user control to its clients within their defined credit limits.

· Microfinance Solution – Mobile solution for agencies seeking to offer lending services to under-banked segments.

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