About Us

ICORE Technology Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a duly registered company under the companies Act number 7 of 2007 of democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka was incorporated in the year 2012 as multi product solution provider reaching the customer of various industries. The vision and clarity the founders had instilled has been enhanced by the influx of fresh talent to the workforce giving new dimensions and spirit to the organization which has indeed carved itself an enviable niche in the Software industry. With the head office situated in the heart of Colombo, highly trained personnel handling technical and commercial spheres of support, sales network in Colombo. We represent our principle partners who are well known International companies as such:

InfySEC which is an Information Security Services Organization based in Chennai.

Yalamanchili is a Banking solutions service organization based in Singapore.

Telematics Company based in Bangalore.

We have penetrated various industries and marked our foot prints in below segments.

1. Cyber Security (Training, Workshops, and Security Audits)
2. Banking Applications (Credit, Debit, Prepaid & Switch)
3. IOT – Internet of Things ( Telematics – GPS Based fleet management Solutions)

Based on the fact that complex business problems require innovative solutions, we at ICORE Technology Solutions take a different approach to our projects. In keeping with our client’s overall vision and strategies, our highly trained team of experts, which include exceptional technical professionals, vertical specified functional consultants and enterprising sales and service consultants, help companies prepare for the future. With nearly 5 years of knowledge and expertise to our credit, ICORE Technology Solutions works in close collaboration with world-class clients, carefully exploring the business needs of each company and determining what software solutions work best. When it comes to flexibility in providing solutions while giving value addition to the products and the services that we offer with greater benefit to the end customer became our strength to achieve the competitive advantage. Thereby we assure our customers as of our partners in business so that we make sure that they get real value in our product or the services and improve their business to uphill the struggle of achieving their ultimate goal.