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Vehicle Management and Tracking

We offer vehicle tracking software using GPS devices that comes in handy and with useful features to locate your vehicles in real time. The GPS device provides the location based information of the vehicles position. This has capability of sending information to the fleet/vehicle owners on demand as well. The software is built to provide information in graphical format for the owners to find the location of the vehicle along with the Vehicle status such as engine, fuel, door, a/c, battery and others.

Tourism/ Transport:

Beside basic track and trace issue fuel pilferage is a major problem faced by this sector. Icore Technology provides best in class fuel reports indicating the fuel filled as well as the mileage. Any many parts of the country the owners are worried of theft of the vehicle and feel the need for remote immobilization of the vehicles in emergency situations. While integrating the immobilizer we make sure from a safety is kept in mind and accordingly remote immobilizing will not affect the vehicle in motion but take effect only once the vehicle halts

Taxi Solutions:

A fleet dispatch management solution for Taxi Industries. Icore Technology handles booking, dispatching and payment. Maximize revenue per mile and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Employee Transportation:

Employee attendance can be captured, provide high security and safety for employees by tracking your fleet and monitoring driving behaviour. Real time reports are also provided for improving efficient operations.

Cash Van Management:

The solution is a comprehensive, intelligent solution to address challenges associated with cash van monitoring and management. The solution goes beyond a routine GPS system, providing you real time monitoring, route mapping, cash tracking, alerts, etc.

Below are few more verticals we cater to.

– Container Cargo
– Distribution Logistics
– Frozen good carriage
– Infrastructure

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